Chinese girl with long hair and her dutch husband

Next week my friend Zhang Lin will celebrate her birthday. She is also Chinese, like me, and we live in the same city which only have 120000 population. It is why we are close!


poppy pattern

Since I know how to design pattern, I think that many of my paintings can be used to design pattern. This poppy painting is drawn one month ago.


shoe pattern--my first pattern design

When I was studying in Advertising major in university, I had 2 years art lesson during 4 years study. One years for basic drawing, another years for pattern design. 10 years ago computer designs were not appeared. So I learned how to do it with hand drawing. After graduated from school I have never worked on design or art career so I am so far away from the Morden design tech. I spend one afternoon to figure out how to use Photoshop to design pattern finally I made one. I use my last night illustration" lonely shoe" as the main image. It is my first pattern design. I am so excited!


lonely shoe--"paper cut" style illustration

I did not use water color like I used to do.I draw it with pencil first, then scaned, then illustrated with photoshop.  It is the first time I tried "paper cut "style illustration!

mama and daughter go on holiday!

Mama and her daughter go on holiday! ( water color).


card design: lovely little couple

This design card is for sale! Tomorrow you will see it is printed on paper. You can buy it on my ETSY shop! printing on 210g high quality paper.

Can use for wedding card, living together card, love card........

Start from tomorrow!